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Here you can find many options and examples of work we have done over the past few months. Watch out for special discounts available as time goes by!

By -EX Home, Jun 13 2018 10:27AM

These last couple of months have been very peculiar. Some rain here, some sun there, and even a few days where the DMV area was less than 65 degrees!

Make sure your roof is ready for all these drastice changes and ready for intense heat to come in the months of July and August! For the month of June, we will be having a WELCOME TO SUMMER sale that will offer all customers-new or old- a 10% discount on all jobs.

Make sure to mention the blog when asking about the discount!.

Discount is only valid on labor and workmanship, all parts and materials are excluded.

By -EX Home, Apr 16 2018 06:16PM

In another project, see the effect of a subtle Weather wood colorway in the landmark pro shingles.

When taking the time to upgrade your roof, consider many of the options that can go a long way in making your home look beautiful and tasteful.

Besides changing the color of your shingles, you can choose to change the color of the gutter work, siding, and windows so that you can acheive a more cohesive and finished look.

By -EX Home, Apr 11 2018 04:38AM

Take a look at one of our most recent projects! This traditional style home was revitalized thanks to the new Landmark Pro shingles it received in Moire black.

It is vital to ensure that your home has the most up to date shingles to protect its structure and value. Repairing your roof can end up saving you thousands of dollars over the long run.

There are incentives such as, but not limited to:

Better insulation in the winters; a roof with proper underlayment and shingle placement can save money by creating a proper seal that would retain heat and prevent any leakage into your attic.

Lower A/C costs in the summer; your new roof would retain your conditioned air where it needs to be: Inside your home!

Lower electricity costs; Many homes are becoming more green by adding solar panels to their homes. When done correctly, you can end up reducing your electric bill to 0!

By -EX Home, Oct 12 2017 09:09PM

There are many factors that can contribute to a shortened lifespan for your roof. Fortunately, there are some measures that you can take to help your roof live a long and healthy life.

4 Common Causes of Roof Failure

Here are 4 common causes that make up the majority of roof failures.

1. Poor design. Not all roof designs are created equal and some designs need special attention. Low-slope roofs must be constructed differently than steep-slope systems – but not everyone follows the guidelines.

2. Faulty materials and weathering. Occasionally the materials originally installed on your roof may suffer from manufacturing defect – or will react negatively to the elements. Hail storms and severe winds can also destroy an otherwise healthy roof.

3. Trapped moisture or mechanical damage. This can be caused by improper attic ventilation, damaged shingles, or rodent invasion – among other things.

4. Roof traffic. Walking on any type of roof puts the surface at risk of damage due to the potential of compromising the materials used on your roof.

Roof Inspection

One of the best ways to catch the beginning signs of a failing roof is by scheduling a simple roof inspection from a local roofing professional. They will check your roofing system for signs of damage, old age, or poor construction – and provide you with a comprehensive report to turn the whole matter into your hands.

Have your roof inspected annually and implement any recommended repairs to help extend the life of your roof. Documenting any maintenance done on your roof will provide you with a written history of your roof and its repairs. This, in turn, can help you create a budget and plan for the future needs of your roof.

Advantages of Roof Maintenance

Actively maintaining your roof will extend its life expectancy and overall efficiency. Many major roof repair projects could have cost a fraction of the amount had the damage been treated earlier. Staying up to date on replacing missing shingles, flashing repair, and seasonal gutter cleaning can work wonders for the investment you made in your roof.

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